Growing up in California, I was happy to be surrounded by sun, incredible opportunities, and a big family. I am the eldest of four children, all of whom are involved in different areas of the arts. I started dancing when I was 8 years old and that passion led me to try theater when I was 12. I got cast as Cinderella, in “Cinderella”, for my first show and I fell in love. Performing on that stage as a character I grew up watching and loving was magical. After our drama show closed I was told I should audition for the upcoming show at our local professional theater company: The Music Man. My two younger brothers and I all got cast, and my love for theater and acting grew to where I knew this is what I wanted to pursue.


When I got into high-school I was upfront with my counselor that I wanted to pursue acting. I was told that I should be thinking of a job “I could actually be successful in” and that “graduating early would be a ridiculous move”. So what did I do? I graduated early, got into my top theatrical conservatory and have be working in the arts field ever since. I truly believe that no matter what people say or tell you, you must follow what you want. I have been blessed to have been successful up until this moment of standstill within the arts, and can’t wait to jump back it.


During this pandemic, keeping up my craft has been more important than ever before. Continuing classes and staying fresh in the field will only make me ready to jump in when the time comes. Along with maintaining my craft, I have definitely been enjoying self-care and working on my allergy-friendly blog with my mom: The Heartfelt Way. I am looking forward to the day when all things I’m passionate about are up-and-running and the craziness of my life continues!